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Saturday, 12 December 2015

How to Insert Code Block in Blogger Post with Pictures

Hello friends, welcome to the Techtspot Blogger tutorial today I will show you how to insert add Code Block or Copy Area in Blogger post with pictures.
Insert Code Block in Blogger Post with Pictures

Here we create a area for copy the some contents or codes for visitors, Internet have lot of website and blogs, so some of website and blogs are provide some content for highlight and for there visitor then they can use this Code Block.

These are Following Steps:-

Step 1: Go to Blogger Theme and click Customize button.
How To Add Code Box To Blogger Blog 1
Step 2: Click Advanced and click Add CSS then Paste the Code in the White Box and click Save button or Apply to Blog.
How To Add Code Box To Blogger Blog 2
Step 3: Go to your Posts link and click Edit post then click HTML button in a top of post then find out your Code which you share it to the users and type.
How To Add Code Box To Blogger Blog 3
<div class=”code”>
here is your all code
Step 4: Go to your Blogger Blog.

Click Here For Code Block Code

How to Insert Code Block in Blogger Post

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I hope you enjoy this Post. If any problem comment it.


  1. this is cool post thanks

  2. Amazing post and video bro u r superb

  3. thanks sooooooo much. it's esy and it works!

  4. Thanks man, you are great!

  5. Wow. great tricks. Thanks for Helping
    I have many more.

  6. Good your post

  7. Sir When I Past My Code and check so there is no codding its how website view its mean my code will run

    1. hi there
      you check the code is working on site. if code not work again paste and apply on you site.

    2. Same problem on my website not working this code

    3. Please send me your website name and mostly this code proper work on blogger blog :)


  8. nice code bro keep it up all post are nice follow my blog to learn php and wordpress

  9. Thank you for this tutorial on adding code box to blogger. It's working for me. I prefer non-scroll option for code box. Keep blogging!

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