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Friday, 18 March 2016

10 Tips to Optimize Blogger blog posts for SEO with Pictures

Hello friends welcome to the Techtspot blog, today I will show you how to optimize our Blogger blog posts for SEO with pictures.
10 Tips to Optimize Blogger blog posts for SEO

Why we need to fully optimize our blogger blog post? Content Optimization means when we are optimizing our blog content using the SEO term that helps our blog posts to better index and rank in any search engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing, Qwant, etc...), now let's start.
10 Tips to Optimize Blogger blog posts for SEO 1
The 1st is title, now write down an SEO title that means you create a title which includes your main keyword and the main keyword also repeated in your post content.

The 2nd is you will see a blogger blog post editor and the paragraph option, here your content must be in the paragraph option if it is not then whenever you copy your content from the word file and paste it in blogger blog post editor then select all your content and select a paragraph option.

The 3rd option is multimedia, when you want to add a link, images, and video files just click the third option but first, you want to select a place where you want to add the multimedia, for example, I select the second paragraph footer area then click the image option to upload the image, and the image will automatically appear in the second paragraph footer area.

Now third section first option hyperlink, here you select keyboards that you want to make a hyperlink then click the link option and paste the URL after that your selected keywords become hyperlinks or a clickable link.

The 4th option is a three-dot button in the blogger blog post editor, in the first section you will see some bullets, commas, and the main thing is page-break, it is very important whenever we are creating a new 2000 words article then we publish it and you will see your newly published content will be displayed fully in the blog home page but here we will use the page-break to add continue more... or read more... option in the blog post.

The 5th option is the switch button, it has two views HTML and the Compose view these two different views means when you want to add some code in your post then you can click this button and select HTML view after adding the code you click again that button to switch to the Compose view.

The 6th option is the image first click the image and select the position,  the A option you can easily add the Caption, and when you click the Setting button then you will add alt and Title text then select an image size like a small, medium, large, and even original size.

The 7th is heading and after that, it is a paragraph, when we paste our content from word file to the blogger blog post editor then we select particular keywords to make them heading, so we click the 2nd option, paragraph option that means we click it and select the heading option now my selected keywords become the heading.

The 8th option labels, using it we categorize our posts, we can create and select a label, for example- we are publishing mobile gaming post then we create a label - "Mobile Gaming" and in the future whenever we publishing a new mobile gaming content we always select the "Mobile Gaming" label to categorize my all mobile gaming posts.

The 9th option is a permalink, when we create the title by default the blogger blog platform create a permalink using the post title, but if our post title is long that means all starting keywords become the permalink but the main keywords are not included in it, so we want to edit the permalink option and add our primary keyword on it.

The 10th option is Search description and it is also known as meta description, when we are completed our post content and at last we are adding some lines to describe our post content in a short form, and the search description is also visible in the search engine results page (SERP).