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Saturday, 9 April 2016

How to Install a custom theme to Blogger blog with Pictures

Hello friends welcome to the Techtspot blog, today I will show you how to upload/install a Custom theme to a Blogger blog with pictures.
Install a custom theme to Blogger

Why we need to Install a custom theme to the blog?

Templates theme is a container that you can apply to your blog or website and when you upload any type of content like text, image, audio, video, infographics, and meme then this uploaded content is visible in that theme layout, by default Blogger has beautiful themes collection and most of the authors are using the blogger platform for blogging like we select any one category then create a blog and create a lot of content then upload it in the Blogger blog.

Most of the time our selected category is not fit the default blogger themes, so we customize the default blogger themes according to our selected category but in our selected category we need some extra features like recent comments, slide view, post style (thumbnail), related post and dark & light switch button feature, so we are uploading a third party template theme to the blogger blog, now let's start.

These are the Following Steps:-
Step 1: First open your third-party downloaded theme folder and right-click on the main file then click the Edit option.
Install a custom theme to Blogger 1
Step 2: Here you will see a lot of code in the Notepad and click anywhere in the code then press the CTRL+A button to select all the code and press the CTRL+C button to copy the code.
Install a custom theme to Blogger 2
Step 3: Now go to the blogger blog dashboard and click the Theme option and click the customize dropdown button and select the Edit HTML option.
Install a custom theme to Blogger 3
Step 4: Here you will click anywhere in the code and press the CTRL+A button and delete button which means remove all the code from here then Press the CTRL+V button to paste the third party copied code in step 2 and at last click the Save button.
Install a custom theme to Blogger 4
Step 5: Now open the Blogger blog to check the results.

Now Visit the - Demo Blog to see the result.

Above I give you my demo blog link, where I installed or applied the third party theme, if you are thinking to upload the third party theme to your blog then you just follow the above steps.