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Sunday, 7 August 2016

How to Add Pin it Hover Button to Blogger Images

Hello friends, welcome to the Techtspot Pinterest Social Tutorial today I will show you how to insert add Pinterest Pin it Hover button to Blogger blog images with pictures.
How to Add Pin it Hover Button to Blogger Images

This Image Hover button can direct pin it our blog images to Pinterest Board account. It means when Pinterest visitors can click these images then they are visit our blog post. It will be increase our blog views and as well as create blog backlink.

These are Following Steps:-

Step 1Go to developers.pinterest.com link and we select the Pinterest Pin-it button then select button type and configure the button.
 Image Hover Button For Every Blog Image1
Step 2: Now Copy the Code.
 Image Hover Button For Every Blog Image2
Step 3: Go to Blogger Theme then click Edit HTML button.
 Image Hover Button For Every Blog Image3
Step 4: Click in the Code then Press CTRL+F type </body> tag and Paste the Code before in the </body> tag then click Save template button. Fix Pinterest Parsing XML Error.
 Image Hover Button For Every Blog Image4
<script async defer data-pin-hover="true" data-pin-tall="true" data-pin-round="true" data-pin-save="false" src="//assets.pinterest.com/js/pinit.js"></script>
Step 6: Go to Blogger Blog.

How to Add Pin it Hover Button to Blogger Images

If XML Error occurred Fix Pinterest Parsing XML Error.

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I hope you enjoy this Post. If any problem comment it.


  1. Great Post and Pinterest Image Hover Code ...

  2. thank you sir sharing this post and code

  3. thanks 4 this post. very nice.

  4. this post is awesome and this code is working in my blog https://arijit-singh-songs-lyrics.blogspot.com/ visit my blog to see the PIN IT Button.

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  6. Hi, I have been trying this over and over again but somehow the code is not being saved in the html. I had the hover button till date with other themes but now I am not being able to apply it. Please help.

    1. hi there

      here you just put the code above < / body > tag || which i show on step 4 >>> then you click save theme ORANGE button if any message on your screen like " the code is not save and continue " it is OK you leave the page and again refresh the page >>> then open your blog post which have a image :)


  7. Such a nice blog Thanks for sharing information Pinterest not working