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Sunday, 7 August 2016

How to Add Pinterest Hover Button to all Blogger blog Images

Hello friends welcome to the Techtspot blog, today I will show you how to insert or add the Pinterest Pin Hover button to all Blogger blog images with pictures.
Add Pinterest Hover Button to blog Images

Why we need to add Pinterest Hover Button to all blog images?

Pinterest is one of the largest image-sharing social media website, where registered user can submit their images, infographics, animated GIFs, video, and discover the recipe, ideas, styles, concepts, lifestyle, and inspiration using the Pinterest site. The Pinterest website has millions of web traffic, so we take benefit from it, now we create a profile on Pinterest then create a board on interesting topics and now we can submit our blog, website, and online store images with title, description, URL, in the Pinterest board just single click, when we add a Pinterest extension in our web browser but the problem is most of the people are not aware of Pinterest extension option.

Now the Pinterest image hover button code help us, we can directly add the code to our blog or a website then our all images automatically have a Pinterest Hover pin it button or option and we can directly pin-it all blog images to the Pinterest boards and special thing is the Pin-it button show all our visitor's browsers, whenever our visitors like any photo in our blog then they can easily pin-it in their Pinterest board account this action will be increasing our blog web traffic and engagement, now let's start.

These are the Following Steps:-
Step 1First we go to the Pinterest developers website where we configure and make an image hover button like we click the Button type dropdown button and select Image Hover option.
Add Pinterest Hover Button to blog Images 1
Step 2: Here we click the Round and Large checkbox and copy the given code.
Add Pinterest Hover Button to blog Images 2
Step 3: Now we open the blogger blog dashboard and click the Theme option then click the Customize dropdown button and select the Edit HTML option.
Add Pinterest Hover Button to blog Images 3
Step 4: Here we click anywhere in the code and press the Ctrl+F button and find out </body> tag (closing body tag) then we make some space above the closing body tag and paste the Pinterest image hover code and at last click the Save button.
Add Pinterest Hover Button to blog Images 4
Pinterest Hover Button Code:-
<script async defer data-pin-hover="true" data-pin-tall="true" data-pin-round="true" src="//"></script>
If you can not follow these steps to get image hover code, so don't worry here I give you the image hover button code you just copy and apply in your blog.
Step 6: Now open the Blogger blog and move your mouse over the image to check the results.

Now Visit the - Demo Blog to see the result.

Above I give you my demo blog link, where I enable the Pinterest image Hover button, if you are thinking to set up a Pinterest Hover Button in your blog all images then first look at the image hover button how it looks like in the demo blog.


  1. Great Post and Pinterest Image Hover Code ...

  2. thank you sir sharing this post and code

  3. thanks 4 this post. very nice.

  4. this post is awesome and this code is working in my blog visit my blog to see the PIN IT Button.

  5. Hi, I have been trying this over and over again but somehow the code is not being saved in the html. I had the hover button till date with other themes but now I am not being able to apply it. Please help.

    1. hi there

      here you just put the code above < / body > tag || which i show on step 4 >>> then you click save theme ORANGE button if any message on your screen like " the code is not save and continue " it is OK you leave the page and again refresh the page >>> then open your blog post which have a image :)


  6. Such a nice blog Thanks for sharing information Pinterest not working