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Wednesday, 10 August 2016

How to Transfer Blog to Another Blogger Account with Pictures

Hello friends welcome to the Techtspot blog, today I will show you how to transfer the Blogger blog to another Blogger account with pictures.
Transfer Blog to Another Blogger Account

Why we need to Transfer the Blogger blog to Another Blogger Account?

There are many reasons to transfer a blogger blog to another blogger account mostly when we transfer the blogger account it by default includes a Gmail account because we know blogger is a Google product and every Google product we can easily access using the Gmail account.

Now create a blog but we don't want to run in the future because we're working on different categories for example- we have two blogs first is traveling second is a gadget review blog, here I want to run a gadget review blog, so I want to transfer the Traveling blog to the Traveling Gmail account.

And the second reason is when we select a particular category and set up a blog then publish good quality content and make quality backlinks after some time we don't have enough time to run the blog, so we want to sell to another author, now we can use the transfer option to transfer that bought blog to that new author, now let's start.

These are the Following Steps:-
Step 1First go to the blogger blog dashboard and click the Settings option, now find out the Permissions section and click the Invite more authors option.
Transfer Blog to Another Blogger Account 1
Step 2: Here a new window appears middle of the screen you write and paste the New Author (Owner) email address and click the Send button.
Transfer Blog to Another Blogger Account 2
Step 3: Now ask the new owner to open their Gmail account and accept blog invitation, here I use a demo email address to demonstrate to you how these processes are working, now I open my Gmail account and blog invitation email then click the accept invitation button.
Transfer Blog to Another Blogger Account 3
Step 4: This button will be redirected to you the blogger account, now first verify the blog title and URL then click the Accept invitation button, the demo email address becomes an author in the blog, not an admin.
Transfer Blog to Another Blogger Account 4
Step 5: Now the admin blogger blog dashboard we again go to the Permissions section and click the Blog admins and authors option, now you will see Admin and my demo email address as an Author, here I click the drop-down button and select Admin option and click the Save button, but here if you want to completely transfer the blogger blog to the demo email blogger account, before I click the save button just remove the first Admin (myself) click the cross button, and now I am not an owner of this particular blog because I remove myself from as an Admin and I am not even an author in this blog, now the blog completely transfers my blogger blog account to new demo email address blogger account.
Transfer Blog to Another Blogger Account 5
Step 6Now open the Blogger blog dashboard and count the blogs.


  1. Thanks for your effort to give me such a amazing blog About Gmail account.

  2. Hi, I wanna ask what will happen if I do it again as gmail-1 to gmail-2 then I change my mind I was wrong then go back to original as gmail-2 to gmail-1?

  3. Really Good work and nice content, it's very helpful, Keep sharing this type of information.
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  4. Thanks, it was easy and cool

  5. I followed all of the steps until I got to the 6th step and my admin button wouldn't let me click it it's not working?

    1. thanks for comment :)
      and 6th step is the main Admin account || this is only work on blogger || when you send the invite link on second gmail account then go to II second gmail account and accept the mail link and join the blog || at last come after 1 first gmail account then click the Admin Button


      in this post i am using two gmail account First Gmail have the blog and i invite the Second Gmail admin (first i am accept the mail and join the blog in II second gmail)

  6. thanx Techtspot & Anand Singh Rawat, this article is really helpful for me :)

  7. bro, invitation is not reaching to gmail II

    1. hello bro

      i think >> You should carefully use the second step. Here insert carefully Gmail Address :)

  8. I have done this many times but after I accept the invitation my new account doesn't show up in the authors list.... Does this take time to process or am i doing something wrong?

    1. Hello Sir first you create a blogger account on you new Gmail ID then again try the given steps, this time i sure the trick can work :)

  9. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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