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Thursday, 18 May 2017

Top 10 Free URL shortener website list - Shrink & Track links

Hello friends welcome to the Techtspot blog, today I will show you the top best 5 Free URL shortener website lists for Shrink & Track any short URL links.
Top 10 Free URL shortener website list

What is a URL shortener service?

URL shortening service means a website help converts any blog long URL to a short URL.

Why we need to use a URL shortener service?

When we publish our content in the blog and we are adding some keywords in the permalink or a blog URL then our blog URL becomes long, and now we are sharing the published post on various social media platforms but some of the social media websites are not accepting the long URL, for example, microblogging website like Twitter.

Now there are some reasons why we need a short URL because when we use a short URL in email marketing, social media marketing, even when we are running a paid campaign we are using a short URL. After all, it is easy to track URL activity like which date and time have most of the clicks on the short URL, here I give you a URL shortening service example - how we can short any URL and used it in various marketing activities, now let's start.

These are the Following Steps:-
Step 1: First you copy the blog URL which you want to shorten and track.
Top 10 Free URL shortener website list 1
Step 2: Here I use the Bitly website, now we open the Bitly URL Shortener website, and here you can sign up or sign in to the site then click the top right side CREATE button.
Top 10 Free URL shortener website list 2
Step 3: Here we paste the blog URL in the box and click the CREATE button.
Top 10 Free URL shortener website list 3
Step 4: Now you can click the COPY button and use it where you want to.
Top 10 Free URL shortener website list 4

After finishing your activity then you again login into the Bitly website and then track your URL activity.

Top Free URL shortener websites list:-
Now I give you the top 10 free URL shortener website list or the Bitly alternative because above I give you an example - how to short a website URL using the Bitly website and If you are using the Bitly website and you are unsatisfied with the options which are given by the Bitly site then you can also use another shorten website here I give you the list >>
01. Bitly
02. TinyURL
03. Rebrandly
04. Cuttly
06. UrlHum
10. Golinks
11. Clickmeter


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