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Friday, 15 September 2017

How to Start A Free Blog on with Pictures

Hello friends welcome to the Techtspot blog, today I will show you how to start a free blog on for free step by step with pictures.
Start A Blog on

What is is a CMS platform where you can create an account and select a plan then you can create a blog, website, and even an online store, when you want to think to make a try you can select a free plan.

Why we need to start a blog on

Above I tell you is a CMS (content management system) platform where you can create a blog for blogging, create a website for services, create an online store for selling products but first you have to create an account and select a plan and when you want to try the platform you can select a free plan and when you like it then you can move to a paid plan for amazing features.

Now why do we need to start a blog, website, or store using the platform because when we are thinking to move our local business online we need an online shop to run a local business, here have some features:-
# You can build a blog, website, or an online store very simple way even you no need to know the coding or manual knowledge
# You can select a theme and start selling your product give you professional and design themes
# You can edit your theme just by simply clicking and adding or removing some content within the page and you can easily insert text, images, reviews, testimonials, maps, and more...
# get you thousand of easy to install plugins where can apply or add a lot of new features like - E-Commerce, mailing, translating, contact us, backup your site, Social Sharing, Google Analytics, you can even add payment gateway feature. 
# You can easily manage your blog, website, or online store by the mobile apps like - publisher post, manage sales, reply comments, update your content, mail, and more using phone or tablet web browser.
# you get real support from real people and get customizable plans for everyone.
# gives you serious security, it secures your blog, website, or online store from a digital thief.

When we create a blog in platform but when we are following the steps to create a blog the always create a website first then we can enable the blog option on the website dashboard, mostly platform used by the small and medium business owner to create user-friendly website quick and easy so then the platform they always create a website first with a blog, then we can enable blog function after we create a website and publish original and long content on it and share various social media platforms to gain blog popularity, now let's start.

These are the Following Steps:-
Step 1: First open the website and click the Start your website button, but before that, you can sign up first using your email id or you can use your Google account or Apple account.
Start A Blog on 1
Step 2: On this page, you can write your blog name and click the next button.
Start A Blog on 2
Step 3: Here you can choose your domain name but first type your domain name in the text box and now the platform shows the availability, so you can also start a blog with a brought domain name, here I select free one and click the Continue button.
Start A Blog on 3
Step 4: Now we can select a website design theme or template.
Start A Blog on 4
Step 5: Here we can also manage the text format in the website template and check the overview using the laptop, tab, mobile devices then click the Continue button.
Start A Blog on 5
Step 6: Currently, I don't need any kind of tools, so I click the Skip for now button.
Start A Blog on 6
Step 7: Now I scroll up a little and select Free plan then click the Select button.
Start A Blog on 7
Step 8: Now a website dashboard is open.

Now we create a free website using the platform, now it's time to enable the blog on this platform.
Step 9First we click the Appearance option and click the Customise option from the website dashboard.
Start A Blog on 9
Step 10: Now we click the Homepage Settings dropdown button.
Start A Blog on 10
Step 11: Here we select the Your latest posts option and click the Save button, after changing this you can now see your published post are visible on the blog home page.
Start A Blog on 11

Now we make another free blog or website using the platform most people don't know we can create more free websites and blogs using but why we are creating so many free websites and blogs because we know we use various platforms such as Facebook ads, Google ad platform to advertise our product and services then we need a page, so we can use platform, here I give you the steps on how you can create more free websites and blogs using this platform.
Step 12: Now open a dashboard and scroll up the dashboard and at last you can click the Add new site button and again you go to the first step because creating a website or blog are same steps which are given above.
Start A Blog on 12
Step 13: Now write down good and original content on your blog and share various social media platforms then create good backlinks to gain popularity.