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Saturday, 3 November 2018

How to Accept All Facebook Friend Requests at Once

Hello friends welcome to the Techtspot blog, today I will show you how to accept all Facebook friends request at once with pictures.
How to Accept All Facebook Friend Requests At Once

As we know Facebook is the number one social media network site in the world and more than 5 billion people are using it and in this post, we learning how to use Facebook for marketing purposes.

Why we need to Accept Facebook Friend Requests at Once?
When we create a second account in Facebook for or marketing purpose like as we know most marketers, bloggers, YouTubers, etc... create an account to promote their channel, blog, website products, etc.., here we are not doing any promotion (marketing stuff) using our personal Facebook account, so we create a second account for doing the blog, website, online shop, youtube videos marketing, etc... here we using Facebook features like creating groups or pages and we send & accepting a lot of friend request because as we know a lot of friends means a lot of reaches and more member in groups and pages, then we send & accepting a lot of friends request.

Now when we accepting friend requests manually it takes a lot of time, now in this post, I give you the solution of accepting a lot of friend requests in just a single click, here I bring the magic trick to accept all friends request at once, yes no need to accept friends request manually, but here I give some advice according to me this process you do only one time a day because when you use the script lot of time then Facebook notices you and then they block you from Facebook, now let's start.

These are the Following Steps:-
Step 1: First open the given "" URL in your web browser.
Accept All Friend Requests 1
Step 2Here you press the Ctrl+Shift+J buttons, now copy the below code and paste it in the content area then hit the Enter button, now wait for a little.
Accept All Friend Requests 2
var field = document.getElementsByClassName("_42ft _4jy0 _4jy3 _4jy1 selected _51sy");
for (i = 0; i < field.length; i++)field[i].click() ;
Step3: Now check again your friends request on the Facebook.


I hope you enjoy this Post. If any problem comment it.