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Friday, 3 December 2021

Top 5 Best Free Web Directory Submission Sites List - Get Index

Hello friends welcome to my Techtspot blog, today I will show you the top 5 best free Web Directory submission websites list.
Top 5 Best Free Web Directory Submission Sites List

A web directory website means a website where you can find different categories of websites and blogs list just like a phone directory where a lot of numbers are available about the government and private companies name with their mobile number, in the phone directory anyone can easily find the company phone number using English letter similarly same concept in these web directory where you can find any website or blog which is register in these web directories.

What is Web Directory submission activity?

The web directory submission is the process where we can register our blog, website, or online store, to these web directories using our blog & website URL, title, category, email id, and phone number and click the Submit button and after some time we get an email that our blog, website, or online store published in this category.

But you always remember that select a useful category if your blog, website, and online store have multiple categories then select a popular category and category is a very important part of web directories because anyone (user, customer, search engine web crawler) can visit these web directory websites they only see the categories list and then they click the category to find out the blog, website, and online store.

How to use Web Directory submission websites to improve our website pages or blog posts ranking on any search engines?
Using a web directory website we can add our blog, website, or online store in it and receive some referral web traffic, now some of the questions in our mind pop up that "how the web directory website help us to improve our blog or website ranking" and "why we want to add your blog or website to these web directory websites", here is the answer and the answer is we need more web trust and say hi to the web crawlers and it is the best way or effective way to gain some web trust and improve our blog visibility in the internet world.

Beginning of the internet era most websites or blogs have the same issue "how we can find out the websites on the Internet" because almost all search engine web crawlers are not capable of getting a lot of results and even they have less coverage of the websites or blogs and then most of the search engines crawlers are visiting the web directories to crawl a lot of websites or blogs, so the common method to finding new websites or blogs is the web directory website and most of the people are register a new website, blog or their online assets to the web directories.

But now search engine web crawlers are very smart and they crawl the entire web very smartly and they know every website, blog, online store, writing style, domain owner, admin/user detail like email id, phone number, home address, now that means we no need a web directory websites, now you have to understand that the web directory websites are very important today as well because most of the directory websites that are very old and they have good web trust in the internet world, so when we add our blog, website, online store/shop in it we earn some web trust and people are finding the same categories lot of blogs or websites very easily for their own purposes like guest posting or guest blogging.

Now it's very obvious when we earn some extra web trust for our blog, website and receive some referral web traffic from these web directories then our blog or website earn a well-ranking position in any search engine like Bing, Startpage, Duckduckgo, Yahoo, Yandex, Entireweb, Google, and more...

Here the top 5 free Web Directory submission sites list UPDATED >>>

Here are some other web directory submission lists, now you can also visit these websites, and if you like then submit your blog, website, online store/shop in it.
03. Somuch

Now you can also add your web directory website here >> Add Website Now

Why only these top Web Directory submission websites list?

When you open any search engine and find out web directory websites list then you get a lot of websites and blogs where you can easily find a lot of web directory websites list, but here I give you only the popular and trusted Web-Directory list these websites are very instantly updated your blog or website but first you have to register your blog or website in it and then you get easily web trust and some extra referral web traffic from it.

Now we have to submit our blog, website, eCommerce store only one time in these web directories because web directory submission is a one time process, when I create my blog I also find out the top best web directory websites then I also add my blog on these web directories sites and I collect these top websites and in this post, I provide you the list.


I hope you enjoy this Post. If any problem comment it.


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