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Friday, 21 January 2022

Top 10 Best Free Article Submission Sites List - Get Webtrust

Hello friends welcome to my Techtspot blog, today I will show you the top 10 best free Article submission websites list.
Top 10 Free Article Submission Sites List

It is very obvious when we are finished our website design, content, and on-page SEO then we think about promoting our website, blog, or online store on different popular websites, social media platforms, and do email marketing, here one term is a very famous is the article, it is the best way to introduce our services, product, and particular information to need an audience and various ad networks.

What is Article submission activity?

Article submission is a process where we submit our content to article-related websites for gaining more visibility online (for building a brand or brand awareness) and using an article you can easily promote your services, product, and particular information on a top site.

How to use Article submission websites to improve our website pages or blog posts ranking on any search engines?
Articles mean when we are writing informative text, the article will be an introduction about website services and e-commerce products and when a company, organization, and even government launch any of their products they are issuing the press release, then you will see all over the print media and online media are covering that story using the form of an article with little bit differences.

When we are running a website, online store, and a blog then we think about promoting our site service pages, store products, and blog posts, so we select article submission activity, here we write an article but first, we create a structure like selecting a topic, heading, subheading, keywords, anchor keywords, and URL then we write down a particular article in a brief way at least we write down 1500 words of a unique and meaningful article.

Now we are publishing it in a top article related websites to gain more attraction, when we publish it we get a lot of benefit for our website, blog, and online store like - we receive new visitors, nice web traffic (pageview), get a good backlink, it helps to increase our domain authority and it is the best way to increase our online asset (blog, website, online store, social profile, etc...) presence in an online world.

As we know search engine crawlers are crawling a lot of websites and when they meet our online asset in the top article website then our blog or website get more web trust, this web trust helps us to rank well in any search engine because this is the common factor when we are visible in more top related websites, it is very common we also so get popular in the online world and then our online asset increase visibility and ranking in search engines.

Here the top 10 free Article submission sites list UPDATED >>>
01. Medium
02. Hubpages
03. Zupyak
04. Topsitenet
05. LiveJournal
07. Steemit
08. Abilogic
09. Linkedin
10. Uberant

Here are some other Article submission lists, now you can also visit these websites, and if you like then submit your article on it.
01. Apsense
02. EzineArticles
03. Vivaldi platform
04. ArticleBiz
05. EasyArticles

Now you can also add your Article website here >> Add Website Now

Why only these top Article submission websites list?

Above I give you the top article submission websites list and you have a question in your mind that why I am choosing these sites because they have good website traffic, nice domain authority, (DA/DR) domain rating and when you publish your article on these websites you get enough engagement in your service page, product, and blog post, here always remember that when you create backlinks for your online asset, the third-party website where you create backlinks they give you something like in a positive or negative flow.

Here when I publish some content in our blog like I published 5 Mobile gaming posts and I mention some of the games in the gaming posts then after some time I write an article and include these 5 blog posts like I combine and recreate these 5 blog posts I republishing in the Medium and LinkedIn website, it helps to get a new visitors to my post and again we get new engagement in our old Mobile gaming blog posts.


I hope you enjoy this Post. If any problem comment it.