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Saturday, 8 January 2022

Top 5 Best FREE Blogging Platforms - Create a Unique Blog for Free

Hello friends welcome to the Techtspot blog, today I will show you the top 5 best free Blogging Platforms.
Top 5 Best FREE Blogging Platforms

What is a Blogging Platform?

blogging means when we are creating content and publishing in a particular website and the content could be text, images, infographics, audio, video, GIF, meme, ppt, and pdf files and we publish these created content in the respective websites or platforms.

Top 5 Best Free Blogging Platforms

In the internet world, there are tons of blogging platforms or websites where you can go and create an account and run a beautiful blog but there are some problems like - having a paid & freemium plan (where the free user allows some Limited functions), and if some are free but they required hosting server and domain name, now don't worry here I give you free blogging platform where blog theme, hosting, and domain are free.

Before I start top 5 best free blogging platforms, here are some points whenever you want to start blogging >>
First, you have to select one category but how we can select a category you just take a pen and a paper or you can open a Notepad on your computer then write down your most lovable categories For Example - I love to play online games and love to read novels then in the Notepad I write Games and Books, now select one category which is you love most, so I select games.

The second thing is now you have to divide your selected category into subcategories for example when we are playing games it would be offline and online if we love online games then we again divide into other subcategories like - Mobile games, PC/laptop games, Xbox games, PlayStation games, and Nintendo games, now you have to select one subcategory.

Third thing is, now you have to select a CMS tool that means one platform of these blogging platforms, now you have to select some topics and write down long and meaningful content with good quality images, memes, infographics and you can also embed audio or video files in your content then publish it in your blog with the attractive blog post title, now let's start.

01. WordPress
Top 5 Best FREE Blogging Platforms 1 is the most popular CMS tool and it is the easiest way to create a free blog or website, using almost everyone builds their first website and blog, now here are some features:-
#1 you can easily create a beautiful blog and a website.
#2 you get thousand of themes that are designed by professionals.
#3 you can easily design and create your blog and website using the build with blocks function.
#4 you can also create an eCommerce Store.
#5 you can easily do SEO.
#6 when we use the free plan then we get free third party domain name.
#6 you can access and manage your blog and website using any device like mobile, tablet, or laptop.

02. Blogger
Top 5 Best FREE Blogging Platforms 2

Blogger is a free content management system tool using the blogger you can create a beautiful blog without any problem because it is a very user-friendly product backed by Google, now here are some features:-
#1 you can choose your suitable default theme otherwise you can download third-party themes and upload them very easily.
#2 you can also customize your default theme according to your blog category.
#3 you get a free domain name
#4 you can earn money using the Google AdSense program.
#5 you can get your visitor's stats using the blogger's build-in Analytics tool.
#6 you can easily invite other authors and moderate hateful comments.

03. Tumblr
Top 5 Best FREE Blogging Platforms 3

Tumblr is a microblogging platform that allows users to publish their content like text, photo, link, chat, audio, video in their Tumblr blog, and creating a blog is a very simple task, now here are some features:-
#1 you can put all your content separately
#2 you get a free domain name with a extension
#3 you get a lot of free and paid themes
#4 the biggest benefit is you get an ecosystem of all Tumblr blogs like when any user visits the Tumblr home page they can see all the blogs content on that single page, now they can easily like the posts, follow the blogs, etc...

04. Teletype
Top 5 Best FREE Blogging Platforms 4

Teletype publishing platform for new creators, it gets a new way to publishing an article in a story like a format, now here are some features:-
#1 you can easily create a blog but first, you have to create an account on it
#2 you create multiple and manage blogs using the single account
#3 you can easily set up your custom domain but this platform gives you a free domain name
#4 you can easily build your audience using the blog subscription option
#5 All the blogs on this platform are SEO friendly

05. GoNevis
Top 5 Best FREE Blogging Platforms 5

GoNevis is a professional blog publishing platform using this platform you can easily create a blog and you can build it according to your category, now here are some features:-
#1 you can easily create unlimited blogs
#2 you get hundreds of themes and choose according to your category
#3 there are no platform ads that are displayed forcefully
#4 you can get the subdomain for free
#5 doing SEO is an easy task you can manage your blog and post SEO very easily

Other 5 Free Blogging Platforms

Above I give you the top 5 best blogging platforms but if you want to more blogging platforms, here are some other blogging platforms as well, where you first create an account on it then create a beautiful blog.
01. Hashnode
02. Substack
03. Activate (Bloglovin)
04. Weebly
05. Overblog
06. Blogstatic

Here I give you little advice that most people are doing the same mistake when they are doing blogging they don't know how to get success in the blogging field:-
# the first point you always remember is that "content is a king" whenever you write an article then always write down meaningful and long content (It's looked like a research paper on a selected topic).
# the second point is you have to market your content in the internet world, for example, you can promote your content on various social media platforms and create meaningful and good backlinks.
# the third point or main special point is consistency in the above the two tasks create meaningful content and market your publish content on the internet, consistency means when you are creating a blogging table or blogging calendar that means you set your date and time for writing a meaningful article, publishing your article, sharing on social media platforms, and making backlinks.


I hope you enjoy this Post. If any problem comment it.

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