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Friday, 25 February 2022

Top 5 Best Free Video Submission Sites List - Get Referral Web Traffic

Hello friends welcome to my Techtspot blog, today I will show you the top 05 best free Video submission websites list.
Top 5 Free Video Submission Sites List

As you know, the trend of video is increasing and it is going to increase in the coming time, nowadays everyone likes to watch a video and due to its high demand, many people with professional categories and also big companies making videos content to attract more users, now we can also convert our website or blog content in a video format then we also earn more chances to reach more customers or users.

What is a Video submission activity?

Video submission is a process where we are promoting our blog posts content, eCommerce products, and website services using the video format and then uploading it to video-related websites.

How to use Video submission websites to improve our website pages or blog posts ranking on any search engines?
The video is the best way to express ideas, information, and knowledge today you will see every content is available in the video format and it is increasing day by day and people are opening videos websites to update themself in their interesting categories such as news, politics, economics, real estate, new gadgets, sports, entertainment, food, travel, and more...

Now if you running a blog to publish content, a website to provide services, and run an online store (eCommerce) to sell the products, then you can also create video content using your blog content, site services related, and information about your products then you can easily upload the video file in the various video websites to promote your blog, website, and an online store.

As we discussed above the first paragraph video content increase day by day and some video websites have millions of users per day for example YouTube, when you continuously create video content and upload it in the YouTube platform (first making a channel), then your channel get more chance to be visible to your category related uses and it increases the watch time on your videos.

Here you can add your blog posts, website services, online store products, affiliate, and your social media profile links in the video description, now you can guide your viewer to check out the video description then the viewer or visitors easily access all your given content using the video description.

For example - you just add site popular products, popular blog posts, social media profiles in the video description then your links get more chance to click and lots of visitors or users visit your given links, here these activities will be very beneficiary for the blog, site, and store web traffic and as well as increase the rank on any search engine,

Here the top 05 free video submission sites list UPDATED >>>
02. Odysee
04. Rumble

Here are some other Video submission lists, now you can also visit these websites, and if you like then upload your video file on it.
03. Reddit
05. Flickr
06. Tumblr
07. Vimeo
08. DTube
10. Utreon
11. Veoh
12. VidLii

Now you can also add your Video website here >> Add Website Now

Why only these top Video submission websites list?

Above I give you the top 5 video submission websites list, I just put these top 5 sites because these sites are working on the video category or they are video sharing websites and second they have an amazing amount of web traffic, and the second list is some of social media websites where you can create a profile, pages, and subreddit then publish your video content on it to take advantage of amazing web traffic and promote your blog or website content on it.

Here I also promote my content on these websites like I just create my channel on YouTube and Odysee, page on Facebook, profile on Instagram, and subreddit on Reddit, now I upload my video content on these websites to promote my blog information and website services.


I hope you enjoy this Post. If any problem comment it.

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