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Saturday, 10 September 2022

Top 5 Free PDF Submission Sites List - Boost web Visibility

Hello friends welcome to my Techtspot blog, today I will show you the top 05 best free PDF submission websites list.
Top 5 Free PDF Submission Sites List

PDF means Portable Document Format, just like its name we can download PDF files and read them anytime on our devices such as laptops, desktops, mobiles, and tablets and it is the best way to create some extra brief content and pack or convert it into PDF file then provide to our daily visitors.

What is PDF submission activity?

PDF submission is a process where we submit our PDF file to the most popular PDF websites and using this process we can get extra exposure to our website services, eCommerce products, blog post, and any of our digital assets.

How to use PDF submission websites to improve our website pages or blog posts ranking on any search engines?
PDF is the best way you can read any article, e-book, document, magazine, catalog, or newsletter On the internet, there are a lot of websites where we can easily get or read PDF files and some of the websites allow registered users to upload their PDF files.

Here if you have a website where you provide services, an eCommerce Store to provide your products, you running a blog to publish new content for your visitors, or any type of business owner (hotel, restaurant, printing press, etc) then PDF websites will help you, we can make our website service catalog, best product catalogs, best blog post pdf then we can upload in top popular PDF websites to get more exposure or visibility to the PDF loving users.

Now we're talking about the benefits most PDF websites have millions of web traffic per day, so we get more views in our PDF files and this increases the chances of getting web traffic to our website service or products pages, and we can use these PDF websites as PDF hosting when we are uploading our service or product catalog to our web hosting then this action makes our website or eCommerce speed slow as we know website speed matters in SEO, so we upload our PDF catalog to PDF websites and then embed it to our blog, website, or eCommerce Store to display or download for our customer or user.

For example - you running a printing press you print clothes and you run an eCommerce website where you display all your printing clothes and then you upload a product catalog to a PDF website and embed it for download in your E-Commerce Store and you can also create pdf of top 10 design with a short description then upload to PDF websites to get some web traffic to your eCommerce Store pages.

Here are the top 05 free PDF submission sites list UPDATED >>>
01. Issuu

Here are some other PDF submission lists, now you can also visit these websites, and if you like then submit your PDF on it.
02. Yumpu
04. Edocr

Now you can also add your PDF website here >> Add Website Now.

Why are only these top PDF submission websites list?

Above I give you the top 5 PDF submission website list and I also provide some extra PDF websites, you can easily create an account on these PDF websites and upload your PDF file, these PDF websites have good web traffic and nice web trust, now when you create PDF file make sure you use minimum hyperlinks and always use good quality images.

Here I am creating a PDF in the top 10 like post example, "top 10 most use blogging platforms" and in the PDF I use one hyperlink and attach good quality images in it then upload the PDF file to the top PDF websites.


I hope you enjoy this Post. If any problem comment it.

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