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Sunday, 25 September 2022

Top 5 Free Question and Answer Sites List - Boost web Visibility

Hello friends welcome to my Techtspot blog, today I will show you the top 05 best free Question and Answer websites list.
Top 5 Best Free Question and Answer Sites List

A question-and-answer website means a platform where questions are answered and people also discuss the topic and then write down their opinion using the answer button, here most question-answer websites are covering almost all the topics but some are selecting specific topics, like only for students.

In question-answer websites, users can easily log in using their Google account and if they are not providing a Google button then they can easily sign up using the email option, here are other options like users can easily ask the questions, answer questions, UP-vote the answers, follow other people, etc.

What is a Question and Answer submission activity?

Question-Answer submission is the activity where a website owner finds out their service-related, product-related, and content-related questions then they answer briefly, applying this process help website owner get more exposure in the question-answer platforms.

How to use Question and Answer websites to improve our website pages or blog posts ranking on any search engines?
As a customer or users, we have a lot of questions regarding the product and services before buying, and even after buying, almost website owners are solving some of the questions using the FAQ option but users or customer has their different circumstances with lots of different questions in their mind, so they use the question-answer websites for putting their doubts or questions and looking for the satisfying answer.

As we know most people are searching for their doubts and questions using a web browser and the main fact is almost all question-answer websites queries or questions are well crawled and ranked in many search engines on their search engine results page (SERP), so question-answer websites also receive a very good amount of web traffic.

Here we have a blog publishing content regularly, a website where we provide services, and an E-Commerce store where we sell products then question-answer websites are very important and they help us to grow our business, when someone purchases our product and subscribes to our services they don't know how to fully optimize the services or a product and as a business owner we don't know where we want to improve our product or services.

Now we can use question answer website to answer the user questions and then we know how to improve our product or service we also inform the user how the user can fully utilize the product or services because the user knows about all the details about our products and services then they can easily utilize our service or product.

Suppose we are running an online gaming or cloud gaming website where a user can just log in and play some games using a normal device here we are publishing some blog posts, promoting our games on social media, and images websites, and now we are also promoting our games on question-answer websites, so we go to the question-answer websites and subscribe to the online gaming topic then we can get a lot of question about the online gaming then one by one we provide the answers to the user questions and mention our online gaming website name to these answers, so people are aware of our online gaming or cloud gaming website, they can search in the search engine and reach our website.

Here are the top 05 free Question and Answer sites list UPDATED >>>
01. Quora
03. Askfm
04. Slant

Here are some other Question and Answer lists, now you can also visit these websites, and if you like then submit your answers on them.
02. Reddit
04. Now&Me 
06. Vokal

Now you can also add your Question and Answer website here >> Add Website Now.

Why are only these top Question and Answer websites list?

Above I give you the top 5 best question answer website lists I also provide you some extra question answer websites so you can just sign up or login into these websites and follow your topic which you like most and then answer the questions.

Here if you are providing your website or blog hyperlink in every question then the websites ban you from their platform, when you are thinking to insert a hyperlink in the answer then make sure you at least give 15 to 20 answers and then provide the hyperlink in the 21st answer.

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