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Blogger Tutorial for Beginners

Hello friends welcome to my Techtspot blog, today we will know about step by step Blogger tutorial for beginners.
Blogger Tutorial for Beginners
In this post, I give you complete information about Blogger tutorial from starting step by step like what is Blogger, how we can make a blog, how to promote a blog or marketing, insert ads to earn money, etc...

What is Blogger?

Blogger platform is an online content management system (CMS) you can publish your passion via creating a unique and beautiful blog, and you can publish your content, the content should be your Idea, thought, images, art, video, audio, anything you want to publish in this platform, it is free and user-friendly provided by Google.

Here are some features of the Blogger platform -
# Easy to create a blog - within two steps you create a beautiful blog.
# Choose the perfect design - there are a lot of themes and you can also upload third-party themes.
# Get a free domain - get a free subdomain name.
# Earn money - in the blogger, it is very easy for placing ads.
# Know your audience - you can easily know your audience because the blogger gives you a built-in Analytics tool.

How to create an account in Blogger?

Making an account in the Blogger and create a blog is very easy, first of all, you have a Gmail id and then open the Blogger website and first fill your Gmail ID and login into the Blogger site here you will just provide your name and hit the creator account button, now the next webpage is Blogger dashboard, here you can create a blog easily.

How to select the category before we create a blog?

Here we start with zero, how we start a blog or blogging first of all we select a particular category (niche) where we start our blog, now here we create a list of topics (niche) which we like most to read and write for example lifestyle, product review, travel, photography, videography, investing, movie, sports, game, recipe, restaurant review, robotics, gadget review, parenting, etc...

Now if we selecting a particular category (niche) and now it's time for creating a nice blog name or we can say domain name as we know the Blogger gives us a third party domain name with, but if we already purchased a domain name then it is very easy to connect your domain name in the Blogger platform, now don't worry about hosting server because the blogger already gives us nice hosting server it is totally free.

My experience and what I can give you?
When I start blogging I use the blogger platform to create my first blog, now we have a question in our mind how to make a beautiful blog, how can I design my blog, how to promote and get a lot of web traffic on it, so don't worry I give you complete Blogger tutorial step by step, I create Blogger tutorial page for beginners.

On this page, I give you the complete content about the blogger tutorial but I divided the Blogger tutorial into 3 parts, here making a blog, promote a blog and create a lot of backlinks and get nice web traffic, so let's start with the first:-

Here is the first step - Create a Blog & make a design according to blog, website, and online store.

01. How to create a Blog for free with pictures 
02. How to design Blogger Theme with Pictures
03. How to change Layout in Blogger with Pictures
04. How to create A Menu Bar in Blogger with Pictures
05. How to create Sitemap Page in Blogger with pictures
06. How to add Related Post With Thumbnail in Blogger
07. How to add Copyright in Blogger Footer with Pictures
08. How to make Contact Us Page in Blogger with Pictures
09. How to add Social Media Buttons to Blogger with Pictures
10. How to add Search Description on Blogger with Pictures
11. How to create 404 Error Page in Blogger with pictures
12. List of Webmaster Tools for Blogger Blog
13. How to Upload Files For Download in Blogger with Pictures 
14. How to Add Popular Posts Widget in Blogger With Thumbnails  
15. How to Remove Blog Title From Post Title in Blogger 
16. How to Make Money Using Affiliate Marketing 
17. How to Create Drop Down Menu in Blogger with Pictures 
18. How to Get DMCA Protection Badge for Blogger 
19. How to Add Chat Box widget in Blogger with Pictures 
20. How to Insert Ads Within Your Post Content in Blogger 
21. ...

What are the Blogger alternatives?

Here I give you a Blogger alternative, it is very obvious when you did not like some features and you go with another platform for some reason, so you can move on, then here I give you the blogger alternative that helps you to get other blogging platform and you can make a blog in it and publish the content on it, now here are some other Blogger alternatives website list:-
# WordPress
# Hubpages
# Medium
# Overblog
# Gonevis
# Hashnode
# Substack

I hope you enjoy this Post. If any problem comment it.


  1. When are you going to post about the remaining??

  2. I am unable to upload my own Logo Image in Sora Template even I followed the Sora Template Logo Image Dimentions, please guide me in this regard

    1. Hello, first go to the the blogger layout option >> now in the header option you click edit link and here you upload the image or select your image logo and click the save button.