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Social Media Marketing for Business

Hello friends welcome to my Techtspot blog, today we discuss about Social Media Marketing for blog, website, and online store for Beginners.
Social Media Marketing for Business
In this post, I give you complete information about what is social media marketing and how you can add additional social media widgets or gadgets in your blog.

What is a Social Media Platform?

Social media platform means a website where you create an account and exchange or share your ideas, thoughts, interests, expression using the content (text, image, video, audio, infographics, emoji) and connect other people as a friend or family and chat via text or video or audio, posting comments on other content, do discussion etc...

Today some of the social media platforms are work with micro functionality, they only give you some of the options to create your content and publish or upload in it like Instagram focuses on the photo, YouTube focuses on video, Clubhouse focuses on audio chat, WhatsApp is chatting app etc... now here I give you the list of social media platform, I divide into two types of social media first are common second are messaging app.

Here are some Social Media platform list :-
# Facebook
# YouTube
# Twitter
# Instagram
# LinkedIn
# Tumblr
# Quora
# Pinterest
# Reddit
# Clubhouse
# Snapchat
# MeWe
# Myspace
# Flickr
# Gab
# Kooapp
# ShareChat

Here are some Messaging App platform list :-
# WhatsApp
# Telegram
# Signal
# Line
# Discord
# Skype
# Viber
# Kik Messenger

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media marketing means using social media platform you can promote your blog post, products, services, generating leads, and web traffic, today almost every person are using some common social media platform and we can also easily create an account on it via email address or phone number and set up our profile then we can create some pages, groups, channels, space, board, community, etc... and join others as well.

It's very obvious we can join and create which we are working with for example we run a movies & TV shows blog and we want to share our article in various social media platform, so we can join and create movies & TV show related groups, channels, pages, space, pin-board, communities, etc... and after accepting our join request now we share our article in these online assets.

What is the benefit of Social Media marketing?

Here is the main topic "why we are doing social media marketing?" or "what benefit do we get from doing social media marketing?", now I give you the benefit of social media marketing, it has a big impact on your blog, website, and online store maybe you're selling products, services, or promoting your blog post, here are some steps :-
# You can increase your blog web traffic
# You can achieve a higher conversion rate
# You can improve your brand loyalty and awareness
# You can improve your blog SEO
# You can easily track what your customer talking about on various social media platform
# You can interact with your customer directly through the various social media platform via chat, poll, discussion etc...

What are Social Media assets?

Above I told you social media have multiple functionalities, when we create an account on various social media platforms and we can easily access other functions as well like we create and join groups, pages, space, community, channel, pin-board, etc... these are our online or social media asset.

How to grow my Social Media profile?

It's very simple when we create an account on various social media platforms then we complete the profile fill-ups forms, now we can add or embedded social media profiles to our blog, website, YouTube channel, etc... and we can also cross-linking each other social platforms like we can add our Twitter, Linkedin account link in Facebook account and vice versa, it will help our every social account to grow up.

Now we also create some groups, channels, pages, space, community, pin-board, etc... then we can also complete their fill-up forms and we can also embed these functions to our blog, website, YouTube channel, to promote them.

Here I give you some of my blog posts to help you to grow your social media groups, channel, pages, community, space, pin-board etc..., so here are:-
04. ...

What are Social Media gadgets?

it's a very obvious gadget or widget means adding something in our blog to improve our blog design and improve something we add in the gadget or widget, social media gadget means a gadget which related to social media like adding social media sharing buttons, adding Pinterest board, adding the Facebook page, adding floating social media buttons in blog or website.

Here I give you some of my blog posts to help you to insert or adding the social media gadgets or widgets to your blog or website :-
07. ...

Why we need to install Social Media gadgets in the blog?

"Why do we need to install social media gadgets or widgets in our blog, website, and YouTube channel", because when we adding these gadgets or widgets then our visitors can easily see these social media profiles and they can easily visit our social profile then also join and contributing in our groups, space, channel, pages, pin-boards, etc...

I hope you enjoy this Post. If any problem comment it.

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