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WordPress Tutorial for Beginners

Hello friends welcome to my Techtspot blog, today we will know about step by step WordPress Tutorial for Beginners.
WordPress Tutorial for Beginners
Welcome to the world’s most popular website builder, more than 42% of the blogs, websites, small businesses etc... are built on the site and it will increase rapidly, here we discuss about making a blog, promote a blog, and earn some money.

What is platform is a free and open-source content management system (CMS), you can create easily a blog, website and online store without writing a single code, you can create any type of online asset like blog, magazine, eCommerce, entertainment, technology, nonprofit, education, real estate, wedding, etc... and submit any type of content like - text, image, URL, audio, video, infographics, etc... it will give you real support from real people and it provides Plans for everyone.

Using platform you can create any popular website like a website for example you can create social media website just like Facebook, you can create a video website just like YouTube, you can create a question-answer website just like Quora, you can create an image website just like Pinterest, you can create bookmarking, article submission, web directories, business listing, event listing, job listing websites.

Here are some features of platform -
# Building website or blog with no code required
# You get tons of beautiful and amazing layout themes
# Almost all themes are mobile-friendly
# You can publish content like a pro there was a block system
# Thousand of easy to install plugins
# Built in advanced SEO tools
# You can use the WordPress mobile app for mobile blogging

How to create an account in

Account creation in is very easy just open a website and click the login button which shows you to the top right side of the webpage and the next screen you can create an account manually or sign up with a Google or Apple account, here I just click the Google button for sign up in the website, now click the get start button to create your blog, website, E-commerce website, etc... just easy and simple steps.

How to select the category before we create a blog?

"how to select a category before we create a blog, website, online store", first of all you create an excel sheet where you put your top 10 interesting categories and select one category which you love most because this is a matter of time you spend time and some money on that process and write down your category related domain name and then check it one by one which is available or suit for your online assets (blog, website, online store) then buy it connect with the CMS and start writing long original content.

My experience and what I can give you?

In my experience is not pro but I give you my 100% to solve your problems, I suggest you start with the free plan in but buy a domain name and connect with your online asset (blog, website, online store) and when you get popular you upgrade your plan anytime.

Now on this page, I give you the complete Tutorial from beginners but I divided the WordPress tutorial into 3 parts, here we making a blog, promote a blog in social media, doing SEO & creating a lot of backlinks and get nice web traffic, so let's start with first:-

Here is the first step - Create a Blog & make a design according to blog, website and online store.
03. ....

What are WordPress alternatives?

Now I give you some alternative websites, when you're thinking about creating a blog, website, online store etc... you have to know which platform suits your online asset most and you know the other alternative as well before creating an online asset, so here are the alternative website list:-
# Blogger
# Hubpages
# Medium
# Overblog
# Gonevis
# Hashnode
# Substack

If you are using any of the above WordPress alternatives and now you want to move that platform to a WordPress platform, here I help you, you can easily move your all blog, website, online store data into the WordPress platform like you can import Blogger blog data to WordPress, import Tumblr blog data to WordPress, import medium blog data to WordPress, etc...

I hope you enjoy this Post. If any problem comment it.

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